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Last updated : 10/5/2023


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Welcome to the digital era of 2024, where social media trends are shaping the future of marketing and communication. From the rise of AI in social media management to the shifting preferences of the younger generation, we're diving deep into what makes today's social media tick. Whether you're aiming to learn digital marketing in Kerala, master social media marketing, or find the best digital marketing courses in Kerala, understanding these trends is your first step to success. Let's explore the top trends that are defining the landscape of social media this year.

1. AI Takes Over Social Media Tasks

Nowadays, over 80% of marketers have found a secret weapon: AI tools. These smart solutions are making jobs easier and more efficient, saving precious time. Imagine, in just a year, the use of AI in tasks like writing social media captions has skyrocketed. A Hootsuite survey even tells us that three-quarters of marketers are planning to let AI take the wheel for rewriting text in 2024. This massive jump shows how crucial AI is becoming in crafting the perfect social media presence.

Success Story: Embracing AI in Kerala's Digital Marketing Sphere

In Kerala, a digital marketing newbie enrolled in a course that emphasized AI's role in social media strategy. Leveraging these skills, they managed to automate their company's social media tasks, boosting engagement rates by 40%. This story highlights the power of learning about AI's potential in social media marketing courses in Kerala.

2. The Shift Away from Facebook by the Young

Facebook, once the king of social media, is seeing a change. The younger crowd is now hanging out more on TikTok. Studies show a significant drop in Facebook users under 25, making it clear: the future is video and quick, engaging content.

3. The Unstoppable Rise of Social Media Usage

Close to 5 billion people are using social media now—that's more than half the planet! Every second, more people join, spending around 2.5 hours daily diving into their feeds. This growing love for social media isn't just about numbers; it's about how it's becoming a huge part of our daily lives.

4. Social Media: The New Ad Giant

Digital advertising is hitting new heights, with social media ads taking a big slice of the pie. Companies are pouring billions into these ads, expecting to capture the attention of the billions glued to their screens. Meta, the parent of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, is leading the charge, proving that social media is where the future of advertising lies.

5. Authenticity Wins on Social Media

Gone are the days of pushy sales pitches. Today, brands win hearts by being real and relatable. Sharing real customer stories and showing behind-the-scenes glimpses are what draw people in. Authenticity is key, and brands that get this are the ones that truly stand out.

6. Catering to Short Attention Spans

Our attention spans are shorter than ever, and social media is adapting. Content is getting quicker to consume, more engaging, and straight to the point. This shift reflects our changing habits and the constant search for what's new and next.

7. Bypassing Google with Social Searches

Why go to Google when social media has all the answers? More people are turning to social networks for everything from shopping advice to the latest news. Social media platforms are becoming the go-to for information, making them even more integral to our online lives.

8. AI and the Quest for Authenticity

AI is stirring up everything we thought we knew about authenticity online. While it's opening new doors for creativity, it's also sparking debates about what's real. Each generation reacts differently, with younger folks more open to AI-created content. This mixed reception highlights the evolving challenge of staying true and genuine in the age of AI.

9. The Return of Long-Form Content

Short videos have been all the rage, but there's a shift happening. People crave more substance, leading creators to experiment with longer, in-depth content. This trend is breathing new life into social media storytelling, offering audiences more to sink their teeth into.


As we look at the social media landscape of 2024, one thing is clear: adaptability is key. From the rise of AI to the demand for authenticity, these trends offer a roadmap for brands and marketers aiming to stay ahead. For those looking to learn digital marketing in Kerala, embracing these trends can set the foundation for success. By choosing the right digital marketing courses in Kerala, you're not just learning skills; you're preparing to lead in the ever-changing world of social media marketing.