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Tableau Course

Just like 'a piece of cake', learn to process complicated data analysis with ease! Become proficient in creating impactful visualization and data manipulations. With Edure learn to transform data into the most interactive way!

About this specialization

Our Tableau approach will provide you with knowledge and skills to process complicated data analysis, while also allowing you to perform powerful analysis with ease. Become proficient in creating impactful visualization and data manipulations, while learning to transform data into the most interactive way! Learn the concepts including Data mining and blending, creating of Charts and Graphs and many more. Learn to present data in a most colorful way!

Module 1:
Introduction to tableau
Module 2:
Group and set in tableau
Module 3:
Advanced table calculations in tableau
Module 4:
Tableau + advanced data analytics
Module 5:
Creating animations in tableau
Module 6:
Level of detail calculations tableau (LOD)
Module 7:
Time series aggregation and filters
Module 8:
Maps, scaffs plot and your first dashboard
Module 9:
Joining and beginning data plus dual axis charts
Module 10:
Table calculations Advanced Dashboards and Storytelling
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As being the most demanded profession, Data science offers various career roles like Data scientist, Data analyst, Data architect, Data administrator, Business analyst, Analyst manager and Business intelligence manager.
We have fast-track training programs which will be of only 3 months Nano-degree training courses.
At Edure, we provide both theoretical and practical learning, which includes live class-room sessions, online sessions and practicals on real-world projects.
Yes, we provide the certified courses under IBM, Harvard university and Microsoft.
Any qualified degree or master degree certificates in programming or software will be enough.
Yes, because need to have a in software therefore without a qualified b-tech or m-tech qualification are unable to allow you any admission.
Our Nano-degree programs are of 3 months duration courses.
We start a fresh batch at the beginning of each month. If you want we can remind you two days before starting the next batch.
Sorry, you can't apply for two training courses at the same time, but you can enroll in the other course of your choice after completing the first one.
Yes, taking part in our online assessment would be enough to get qualified for the scholarship. You can attend the assessment test by visiting our FB page.