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Just like 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step', likewise choosing an apt language is a major decision-making step in choosing a career. So, learn that what helps you build a successful career! Read our course specialization below to know more about Edure’s Python courses in Trivandrum.

About this specialization

Learn from our technical experts to develop applications, data operations, create multiple data accessors, file operations, object-oriented programming, Python script and sequences and much more. We teach you the advanced level of python and so we know for our Python courses in Trivandrum. Also, enhance your knowledge by learning to work with python frameworks and libraries like Numpy, Pandas, Scipy, Matplotlin and Tensorflow, through our Nanodegree courses. Here, at Edure- Best Center for Python courses in Trivandrum, we specialize not only on the features of Python but also cover both the basic and advanced concepts of Python along with extensive hands-on practical experiences. So, if you are looking for a career in Python development, then this is the best course suited for you. Expand your skills through computing language learning and create a career framework in the Data Science and Machine Learning field. With our fast-track Nano-degree program on Python Courses in Trivandrum, learn to code like a programmer!
Just like the saying goes ‘Practice makes Perfect’, we provide exclusive industrial exposure to our trainees through extensive hand-on project in every module. Our Nano-degree program on Python Course will prepare you for the careers related software development, web programming or as python developer. Enrolling at Edure means you can learn Python Courses in Trivandrum from scratch.
With Edure, Learn what earns better!

Introduction to Python courses in Trivandrum

Here, at Edure we ensure you learn what drives your profession forward. With us you can learn both the basics and advanced fundamentals of the world's fastest growing, most favored and most popular programming language, Python. Through our 3 months Nano-degree program you will get a great introduction to both Python programming scripting language and concepts. Furthermore, you will learn how to create and use functions in Python, usage of conditionals and control flow to create programs, introduction to strings and console output in Python, data structure lists, syntax and loops in Python and many more complex aspects of Python.
Our mentor-led live classroom sessions and hand-on teaching methods are developed keeping in mind the need to make technical skills more flexible and accessible, so that we can make you an all-round career ready! Our goal is to provide you a full-fledged beginner and advanced programming courses that will help you to grow in your career. Through our series of professional courses in Python you will gain deeper insights and work much more effectively in your everyday work. And finally when you will complete your course program along with the on-keyboard projects and assignments on Python programming, you will earn certificates from either from Harvard University, Microsoft or IBM. In simple words, whether you are just starting out in career or looking out for higher growth or for a well-paid career, we will help you to lay the groundwork for career as Python developer. We will help you learn what would be better and we aim to offer a word-class learning experience! Enroll today!

Course Curriculum

As being an IT expert, we know exactly what you need to be the finest Python developer, our program syllabus includes:

-Python Object and Data Structure Basics
-Python Statements
-Python Comparison Operators
-Methods and functions in Python
-Module and Packages
-Error Exceptions and Handling
-Python Decorators
-Python Generator
-Advanced Python Modules
-Advanced Introduction to Python Object and Data Structure
-Final projects and Case studies
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  • -Python Syntax
  • -Strings and Console Output
  • -Conditionals and Control Flow
  • -Functions in Python
  • -Data structures lists and dictionaries
  • -Python frameworks
  • -Python Libraries and Functions
  • -Loops in Python
  • -Introduction to Classes
  • -File operations
  • -Python Developer
  • -Web Programmer
  • -Software Developer
  • -Beginners with no programming experience
  • -Web developers
  • -Programmers who want to switch to Python
To be a Python developer you need a expertise knowledge in ORM (Object-relational mapping) and Python frameworks like Django, Flask or Pyramid and requires basic qualification of BSc in Computer Science or Engineering.
  • -Hands-on projects and assignments
  • -350+ Hours of Learning
  • -Live Classroom Learning
  • -Strong One-to-One hand holding
  • -Fast-track Nanodegree courses
  • -Job Placement Assistance with MNCs
  • -Flexible learning
  • -No Cost EMI options
  • -Get Diploma certification along with your job and personal commitments
  • -Cutting-Edge curriculum curated by Industry experts
  • -Alumni status from either Harvard University, Microsoft or IBM