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You might be wondering, 'Why pursue a career in Data Science?' Well, following a profession with limitless potential won't be a bad idea and Data Science is a field with limitless career scope. Did you know that Data Scientist has become one of the most demanded, fastest-growing and highest paying career roles in the world! Furthermore, the way it is transforming our work life, it becomes one of the sexiest professions of the 21st century. So with Edure, learn what earns you better! Apply to Join Edure- The best data science training academy in Trivandrum.

About this specialization

Here with Edure Trivandrum, data science training academy, gain a new insight into industrial critical data and get deep knowledge and understanding on Data Science through our 3 months of instructor-led training courses. Learn how to apply data science methods and techniques and learn all the key fundamentals and importance of data science starting from statistics, algorithm, data visualization, python language to machine learning, while using the open source tools. Our course will help you create a strong career foundation in Data Science. From basics of Python, Statistics, Data Modelling techniques, data exploration, translating business questions, discover customer behavior, building decision trees to make business predictions from data, you will learn everything here. At Edure, data science training academy, you can get both theoretical classes and practical learning experiences. Our specialization also includes hands-on real-life projects, which will give a professional experience in solving real-life industrial problems. Furthermore, you will get interactive live-classroom learning from the world-class data science industry experts. Our wise mentors will share with you the deep industries knowledge and experience, that will support and enhance your learning throughout the certification program. Thus, enrolling in our courses means, you will land on a career you seek!

Introduction to Data Science program course in Trivandrum

Here at Edure provides data science courses in Trivandrum, you will learn to discover the knowledge hidden in databases with Data Science tools; that is, from understanding the very basics to extract and analyze data, how to transform raw data into structured forms using models and furthermore, you will learn to create visualization with charts, graphs or non-charts to communicate the hidden insights or patterns and furthermore, a deep introduction to Data Science using Python, basic maths and statistics, various applications of Data Science, the characteristics of Data Science terminologies and core introduction to machine learning algorithms. Our course on data science and data analytics will help you develop the skills of a Data Scientist and Data Analyst.

Our hands-on projects are designed by Industry experts to give you the required knowledge and experience to tackle real-world, data-rich problems in industry, business organizations and various academia. And finally, when you will complete your course program along with the real-life projects on data science, you will earn certificates from either Harvard University, Microsoft or IBM. In simple words, Edure will provide you everything that you need to begin your career in Data Science. With Edure, learn to play with data like an Analyst.

Course Curriculum

Our cutting-edge Data Science program syllabus is curated by Industry experts. Our course is build to provide you with a deep knowledge in Data Science using Python. Our Data Science program syllabus includes:

-Schooling in Python Programming for Data science
-Data Mining and Data Analysis
-Data Manipulation
-Data Visualization using Tableau
- Understanding Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
- Introduction to Predictive Modelling
- Probability Analysis using Python
- Probability Analysis using Python
- Introduction to SQL for Data Science
- Final Projects and Case studies
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  • -Statistical Analyse
  • -Predictive Analyses using Python
  • -Probability concepts for Data Science
  • -Data Science Modelling techniques
  • -Introduction to Machine Learning
  • -Data Visualization
The escalating demand for Data Scientist globally has opened a wide career scopes and various job roles and opportunities for both beginners and professions to choose, like Data Scientist, Data Architect, Data Administrator, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data/Analytics Manager and Business Intelligence Manager.
As being the most demanded profession, Data science offers various career roles like Data scientist, Data analyst, Data architect, Data administrator, Business analyst, Analyst manager and Business intelligence manager.
We have fast-track training programs which will be of only 3 months Nano-degree training courses.
At Edure, we provide both theoretical and practical learning, which includes live class-room sessions, online sessions and practicals on real-world projects.
Yes, we provide the certified courses under IBM, Harvard university and Microsoft.
  • - Engineers
  • - Software and IT professionals
  • - Marketing and Sales professionals
  • - Business Analyst
The basic qualification you need to apply for this course is Degree in Computer Science, Engineering and knowledge in computer programming languages.
Yes, because need to have a in software therefore without a qualified b-tech or m-tech qualification are unable to allow you any admission.
Our Nano-degree programs are of 3 months duration courses.
We start a fresh batch at the beginning of each month. If you want we can remind you two days before starting the next batch.
Sorry, you can't apply for two training courses at the same time, but you can enroll in the other course of your choice after completing the first one.
  • - Real Life projects from Data Science Industry
  • - 350+ Hours of Learning
  • - Live Classroom Learning
  • - Strong One-to-One hand holding
  • - Fast-track Nanodegree courses
  • - Job Placement Assistance with MNCs
  • - Flexible learning
  • - No Cost EMI options
  • - Diploma certification along with your job and personal commitments
  • - Cutting-Edge curriculum curated by Industry experts
  • - Alumni status from either Harvard University, Microsoft or IBM
Yes, taking part in our online assessment would be enough to get qualified for the scholarship. You can attend the assessment test by visiting our FB page.